My name is Zecheng (Victor) Wang. I am a recent graduate of New York University Shanghai, now working as Research Assistant with Professor Keith Ross at NYU Abu Dhabi. Currently, our research focuses on Deep Reinforcement Learning topics such as pre-training effects on RL, cross-environment learning, as well as using scalable architectures (such as the Transformer) in RL. See our latest topic here.

During my undergraduate years, I worked with Professor Yik-Cheung Tam on Natural language processing topics such as task-oriented dialogue systems and retrieval-augmented language modeling. See our paper at ICASSP 2023.

During my study away program at NYU New York, I joined AI for Scientific Research Group as machine learning specialist working on solving scientific problems with ML solutions. Later I become the ML Lead for the group responsible for multiple teams of the group. Currently, I act as an ML advisor for the group.

I conducted my capstone project with Professor Keith Ross on modeling simultaneous machine translation with Reinforcement Learning framework. See the report.

Latest News (Starting from 2024)

  • 1.16.2024 - Excited to share that my new paper on Pretraining with Synthetic Data Helps Offline Reinforcement Learning has been accepted at ICLR 2024. Read more.